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Airport Restaurant & Gin Mil, Deland - KDED

Having heard the Airport Restaurant & Gin Mill, at DeLand, had been voted the “Best Cheeseburgers in Central Florida”, we knew it had to be next on our list of fly-in destinations.  Upon arrival, at high noon, the pattern was busy with Emory-Riddle students and a twin otter taking skydivers to jump altitude.

Parking was plentiful just outside the restaurant (next to the Aussie Air FBO).  A short walk through the gate brings you to AR&GM’s entrance.  A large patio greets you and several outdoor tables & chairs provide a place to eat and watch skydivers.

When you enter the building, you wonder if you maybe you’re in the wrong place.  The décor is that of a bar.  Is this a restaurant that also serves adult beverages or a bar that also serves food?

The AR & GM is decorated with a parachute on the ceiling, half a dozen tables and a long bar with stools. In other words, it looks like a bar.  A room to the side accommodates the pool table. We chose inside seating.

The menu had half a dozen sandwiches, fries, onion rings, buffalo wings, your typical soft drinks and iced tea. I selected the cheeseburger and my wife chose the fried chicken sandwich.  It took longer than expected to get our food, in fact, I heard the kitchen call “order up” two or three times before our waitress brought our meals.  The cheeseburger was not hot, nor my wife’s chicken sandwich.  It was, in my opinion, your ordinary cheeseburger, and certainly not central Florida’s best.

The over-all appearance of the restaurant was “dirty”.  The menu holders, as well as the menus, were dirty and sticky as if they’d been in a ketchup fight. A check of the bathrooms gave another indication of the type of establishment we were in.  It was your usual bar bathroom - dirty, smelly and having seen better days.

On the wall, just inside the front door of the restaurant, is a framed magazine cover and a newspaper article that tells of the Airport Restaurant’s claim to fame as having the “Best Cheeseburgers in Central Florida." The articles were written around the year 2000.

Atmosphere - 2.5
Food - 2.0
Cleanliness - 0.5
Service - 1.0
Overall - 2.0

out of 6

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last update 03/26/2006

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